Desecration reveals artwork & tracklist of their 2nd work

DESECRATION has just revealed the track list and artwork for their new work.

DESECRATION's second  work will be named "Scorched Earth" and includes 9 tracks:

  1. KIA
  2. Faith ABuse
  3. Mental Anesthesia
  4. Neurological Nightmare
  5. State Terrorism
  6. Scorched Earth
  7. No Gods, No Masters
  8. Legacy of Molestation
  9. Agent Orange (Sodom cover).

Scorched Earth has been recorded at the Moontower Studios with the producer Javi Bastard and has been mastered by Dan Swanö (Asphyx, Bloodbath, Dissection) at Unisound Studios, Sweeden.

The artwork and the band's new logo has been designed by Cesar Valladares.

DESECRATION has also posted a new video in their YouTube channel introducing the Scorched Earth's artwork and new logo with the music of State Terrorism, the 5th track os the new work.